RugbyX 101


Tuesday 29 October 2019
2:30 PM / London


How to get there ?

Description of the event

Rugby in its simplest form. Fewer players. A smaller pitch. Adjusted rules. The result – a game that’s faster, more intense with non-stop action. We’re bringing it, and the world’s elite players, for the first time ever, to The O2, Europe’s No.1 indoor arena. Participating nations across the men’s & women’s tournament include England, France, Ireland, Argentina & USA.


RugbyX – The Format


RugbyX’s inaugural event will take place at The O2 over two sessions, the afternoon will start at 4pm until 6pm followed by an evening session from 8.30pm until 10.30pm. The six men’s teams will be split into two pools of three and will play against each other once across the afternoon session. The top two teams will qualify for the semi-finals that will take place in the evening session. The teams at the bottom of each pool will also play in the evening session in a play-off for fifth place. The four women’s teams go straight semi-finals in the afternoon session with finals and third place play-offs taking place in the evening session.

RugbyX 101

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