Who we are?

The Passport Event team is passionate about sport, and aim to be more involved in the field of sport by developing our activity and breathing a new life in the sporting event business. Moreover we are aware of all the positive aspects that sport can bring to people.

Our concept ?

It's that simple, a platform entirely dedicated to sporting events. Where sports fans and supporters can find any sports event around them and get tickets online. Finally a website uniting all the sporting events, from football, to boxing events, to cricket, motorsports events and many more. On the other hand, organisations, clubs and federations will finally have a place dedicated to them where they can advertise their events and ensure reach to the right audience. Moreover, we are offering enjoyable tools for users to develop a growing interest about these events.

Our Vision ?

Making easier the meeting of the 2 main actors of sporting events: business ( clubs and organisers / supporters) and develop the interest from supporters for sporting events. Great things can be done in the sporting events field if the actors develop this mutual interest and we are here to make it happen! A lot of events deserve more exposure and a specific place to communicate to reach a large audience. All this remains to be done...

Passport Event, be part of the event


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